I will write a 10X sales email

write a 10X sales email
write a 10X sales email

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About This Gig

This might get WEIRD.

I'm about to tell you how I write email sales copy that can make almost anyone do what you want.


I'm not here to pitch you. Weird, right? But that's because I've got my hands full with a private client and spare time is SCARCE.

Pay attention now - you'll get infinitely better at writing sales emails.

(Disclaimer: Don't believe a word I say, because I'm no "expert", I have no fancy "marketing degree," and I'm just a guy who tried stuff that worked for him.)

There are three easy steps:

#1 Trash your formulas. And trash your NLP tricks. They kill what makes you human. And people can smell a snake...

#2 Give your customer value with your sales email. That's right - if you blow smoke, that's all you'll get back. Karma, baby...

#3 Read the right books EVERY DAY. It'll be a funny mix of trashy pulp fiction and the work of direct response MASTERS. Find out who those people are. That's your homework. When you find a good ad, copy it out yourself, word for word. 

Do those things and you WILL improve your email sales copy.