I will translate Spanish to English or English to Spanish

translate Spanish to English or English to Spanish

About This Gig

As an American language instructor who has studied and is currently teaching over ten languages, in college, i have successfully positioned myself to the admiration of many multinational organizations who have employed my services as either a translator or interpreter.

Currently, I can read, understand and translate 12 languages which are lingua francas. They include: German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, French, Portuguese, Greek, Chinese, Hebrew, Russian, Japanese (not mentioning English).
Over the years, I have engaged myself in book translation and have translated so many books, journals, manuals and other voluminous articles which turned out to be best sellers in their different categories.

Aside the above detailed competencies, I have sat on the board of Global Institute of Communication for Polyglots (GICP), and through this initiative have carried out developmental projects in a few cities nationally and outside the U.S.
This service aims at giving your book an impeccable translation within a possible space of time.

Note: This service is strictly for books, journals, manual, handouts and other voluminous materials.

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This Package Translates Books and documents from Spanish to English and back

  • Up to 500 Words
  • Proofreading
1 day delivery