I will write or edit the document of your choice

write or edit the document of your choice

About This Gig

Solstice Jones and her partner, Mr. Garnet, work together to help write and edit memos, notes, letters, and resumes. Most of their work has been complimented by many and has helped save jobs, relationships, and college students just starting out.
Style: Solstice is a very conservative writer and likes to encourage others to think of their own ideas and thoughts. For resumes and business letters Solstice starts the sentences and allows the customer to fill in the rest. A simple out line to create imagination, that way no one can say that the customer stole an idea from someone else. Love letters, notes, and memos are a bit different. Solstice sends an outline with a list of questions to foster imagination Notes are easy; Solstice can send her customer an outline of Cornell notes to get started. Memos are the same.
Guidelines: No cheaters. Solstice has made it very clear she wants no part in helping to “convince” someone of a lie. No adult oriented material PLEASE! Keep all material at least PG, PG-13, and lower. NO X RATED CONTENT! Your Fiverr provides you with one page letters, notes, and memos. Additional pages are $2.50 each.

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4 days delivery