I will format and Convert File to Kindle eBook

format and Convert File to Kindle eBook

About This Gig

Hi there! Thanks for checking my gig.

Do you know that Inadequate formatting is a “Let’s not buy this” response for potential buyers?.... Or even worse, and this negative review will also keep off other buyers from buying your Book(s).

That’s why am here to perfectly format and convert your eBook and make sure your documents get ACCEPTED by AMAZON .

What this Gig will offer:

  • Professional Conversion into a Clickable Table of Contents
  • Manual formatting using MS-Word format
  • Convert into mobi, epub, HTML, PRC, etc...
  • eBook review on Kindle devices for perfect submission
  • Guidelines for Print or Amazon’s guidelines for Kindle
  • Tick marks to indicate when Chapters are
  • Convert from doc, docx, pdf...


60 Pages or Less... More pages need order more gigs

EX: 61 - 120 - 2 gigs

EX: 121 - 240 3 gigs etc....

Please check extra gig if your work has images.

For picture eBooks...kindly contact me before placing your order, as this requires special quotes.


Order Details

2 days delivery unlimited Revisions


Format and convert your document to kindle ebook. Convert file to pdf, doc, docx, epub,mobi,prc..

  • Format Text
  • Clickable ToC