I will write Unique Email campaign for $5

write Unique Email campaign
write Unique Email campaign

About This Gig

Do you need engaging and effective emails that will virtually force prospects to respond immediately by clicking through to your landing page or website?

So why not let ME handle your email marketing by crafting emails with:

  1. Such Gripping Titles that people can't help but open them.
  2. Copy that draws them in right till the end.
  3. An ironclad Call to Action (CTA) that gets them Clicking to your site.

My marketing campaigns consistently outperform the industry average for opens and click through rate! I’ve seen my copy increase my client's responses by 20% to as much as 150%! 

I’m dedicated to providing my Clients with unique Contents that give them exactly what they want. I specialize in writing engaging, winning and result-driven copy. I can write anything you'd like me to, just check out my gigs or leave a message.