I will translate English, Italian, French, German or Spanish

translate English, Italian, French, German or Spanish

About This Gig

I will translate a 200 word English text to Italian, French, German or Spanish, or translate a text which is written in any of those languages into English. 
I will also proofread your 200 word document and send you a document detailing what the grammatical errors there are in your original text (if there are any at all). 
If your text is short, I will be able to do the translation/proofreading within a few days (5 at the very most). However, it can take up to ten days to translate longer texts.
My gig is way more popular than I had expected, and sometimes I get loads of orders in one go. It takes time to do manual translations or corrections properly, so please, please, please message me and check if I have time to do the gig before you buy it. And please do not forget to specify into what language you need me to translate your text. Failure to do this will cause me to start working on your gig late, and maybe even deliver the order late. Thank you for your understanding!