I will create a set of 5 customised smilies for you

create a set of 5 customised smilies for you

About This Gig

I have been making pixel smilies - otherwise known as emoticons - for over 4 years. Having perfected things down to the pixel I can create a variety of colours, additional props and expressions.

For $5 I will create 5 emotes with different expressions of your choice, perfect for your own projects, forum, in emails or just for show.

  • For $5 more I can provide you versions which are zoomed in and larger to view.
  • For an extra $10 I will pixel a prop of your choice, such as the drink cans and cake in the example. (Please contact me first to check it is possible)
  • Throw another $10 extra I will animate all smilies where possible with a blink animation.

All emotes and smilies are supplied as a .png file and are 15x15 pixels. All I need are colours, expressions, any 'extras' eg bows, hats etc and if you'd like 'hands' or not.