I will do female voice acting

do female voice acting
do female voice acting

About This Gig


I will do voice work for your audio drama or podcast. I am a twenty-something female voice actor more than happy to take on any role, youth to adult. Just send me a script and the time frame you would like it in, and I will deliver the audio files in your choice of WAV or MP3 format.
Please be clear what you are looking for in the role, and if you want retakes just give me further direction of what you want and I will get it back to you as quickly as possible.
Please tell me in what time frame you would like the project finished by. I list fourteen days as my general time frame, but I'm very open to negotiating time if you need it sooner.
Please note that by hiring me your are agreeing to credit me in your work.
My basic gig is up to 300 words, five more dollars for a further 200 words, and if the part is more than 500 words, please contact me so we can negotiate pricing and I can be sure that I have enough time to do it in. 

I look forward to working on your audio project!

Up to 300 words

Up to 300 words of high quality voice acting.

  • Up to 300 Words
14 days delivery UNLIMITED Revisions