I will create a PROFESSIONAL and Personalized Workout Plan

create a PROFESSIONAL and Personalized Workout Plan

About This Gig

Want to Build Muscle? Or Lose weight?

But don’t have a workout plan or enough time at the gym? Have no idea what exercises to use and how many sets or reps? Or what to eat and the amount to eat?

I will be your OWN PERSONAL TRAINER!!!

***Workout plans has to be CUSTOMIZED according to your Body, Goal and your Lifestyle.***

I will create your own personalized workout plan suited for your needs, whether its bodybuilding, weightloss or powerlifting. Workouts will be carefully planned to suit your body, needs and your lifestyle.

Are you NEW TO BODYBUILDING and seeking a training program?

I will create you a perfect training program AND help you with how to do exercises properly. Guaranteed muscle gain in 12 weeks.

Services Offered:

  • Create a week-long workout plan (or month-long program for extra)
  • Nutrition and supplementation advice
  • Advice on correct form and technique. (Video tutorials for extra)
  • PLATEAU BUSTER workouts (For extra)

But I'm not limited to these only. As in my real life as a Personal Trainer, i am much obliged to help you in anything to achieve your goals.

See the results with my proper workout plans! Guaranteed!!

Feel free to contact me for any question :)

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