I will add electric or classical guitar to your songs

add electric or classical guitar to your songs

About This Gig

I LOVE adding to other peoples' songs, both when they give me loose walls of guidance and when they give me strict instructions.
I have experience doing guitar work for others and so far it has always turned out great. I have samples of said songs; if you want to hear, just message me.
After 10+ years of playing, I have my own personal style of guitar work which is mostly arpeggios/finger-picking, but also bossa nova, off beat, and adding extensions to chords.
I am probably able to do anything you ask, unless it's metal, or extremely fast.
I have a classical guitar, an electric hollowbody and regular electric.
I use an Apogee JAM to connect my guitar into Logic Pro 9.
The easiest way to collaborate through email is to do single file audio clips that are perfectly aligned with single file audio clips of your songs. I have a few years' experience with this.
Message me with any questions or to see my work.


*************** I CAN ALSO ADD UKULELE *************

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3 days delivery