I will literally ghostwrite your personal message or greeting

literally ghostwrite your personal message or greeting

About This Gig

I will be your real ghostwriter! If you want an authentic experience with a ghost - and you have a special message or greeting you'd like to have expressed - look no further! I'm the ghostwriter with the most...ghost!

Literally I will be a classic white sheet ghost and write your personalized message or greeting on video for you. I will literally be your ghostwriter. Tired of all the phonies whom aren't really ghosts but try to haunt you?? Don't put up with imitations any longer!

  • Message me your short (appropriate, non-sexual, non-bigoted) greeting
  • I will make a video as a ghost...ghost writing that
  • True ghost form includes sounds, ghost antics, and ghost penmanship which isn't the prettiest
  • Order includes video of me, your friendly ghostwriter, writing your message + digital pic of me holding it

Gig Add-Ons:

Four-Day Delivery ~ $10 extra
One Additional Revision ~ $5
A Message Ghost-Written By Me Just For You ~ $5
A Peek At The Saucy Spirit Hiding Under The Sheet (me!) ~ $10

Who you gonna call? Best be me! Don't bust this ghost! She's the only real ghostwriter there is!

~Kay Sugar

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