I will partner with you in meditation

partner with you in meditation

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All of our needs our met in meditation. All that is necessary is to be still and make conscious contact with God. It can happen quite quickly. We really do not need to sit in meditation for minutes upon minutes, hours upon hours on end. We experience the connection and we go about our business. We experience Truth. And we do this as often as necessary. Once we have established this Truth internally, we will then see the out-picturing of this Truth externally. 

Meditating alone is perfectly sufficient. Many people also like to meditate with others. If you would like to meditate together, that is a viable option. "For where two or three are gathered..." There is power is numbers. There is power in the Presence. Things can move swiftly and be felt deeply. We can journey together.  

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Healing Meditation

Making conscious contact with God in five minutes of meditation.

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