I will format for createspace BEAUTIFULLY

format for createspace BEAUTIFULLY
format for createspace BEAUTIFULLY

About This Gig

Want to create an extra income stream?

Convert your kindle book into create space (print edition) format!

We will make sure your print edition buyers have the best reading experience! Your readers will love our print editions.

we take pride in our high-quality conversions and offer UNLIMITED REVISIONS on every order.

Benefits of using our service:

12 - 48 hr delivery!!
Highest quality conversion possible
VIP Communication
Guaranteed submission approval
We accept various file formats such as PDF, Scanned copies, Word etc.

Every order is professionally handled and properly formatted to create space standards.

* 50 pages per gig order.
Ex: 50 pages = 1 gig, 100 pages = 2 gigs and so on.

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Order Details

createspace formatting

$5 per 50 pages

1 day delivery unlimited Revisions
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