I will heal by topic abundance, hormones, empowerment

heal by topic abundance, hormones, empowerment

About This Gig

Basic session creates the power base to lift vibrations for the session, one topic is included in basic session.

These sessions take longer to do and are intense, so I wanted to offer a few common topics in a very focused manner to give it a big punch of energy to your needs and wants. You may switch a topic out to another to fit your personal needs.

Example topics of a power session: Prosperity, Abundance in all forms, Balancing Hormones both male or female - these get out of alignment with cosmic shifts and also from spiritual growth work and life, Personal Empowerment like letting go of things that do not serve you anymore or releasing self-image, self-confidence. self-esteem or self-love issues we often have about ourselves and also Money Empowerment which is a different mindset than Prosperity or Abundance. Also topics like Protection, Giving and Receiving Love, promoting Weight Loss, and Manifesting.

I'll gradually add more topics - you may request topics and I'll work on creating multi-layered sessions to match by using many healing and empowerment forms for each power session.

Now offering an Angel and Fairy healing option. Good for love, compassion & personal growth.

Thank you.