I will teach Twin Flame or Soulmate connection method

teach Twin Flame or Soulmate connection method

About This Gig

To find the ONE that you are supposed to be with this lifetime, whether they are a precious Soulmate or a rare Twin Flame Union, you have to make room for them in your life.

There are many ways to signal to the Universe that you are ready for them to arrive, & feel their Energy (Spiritual Essence) while you search/wait for them. This helps strengthen the bond while you are preparing to find each other, & keep close when you're apart.

Most people will have a special Soulmate they are longing for.

Not all Twins get married, some are already happily married to other people- or for other intentional reasons. Twin Flames come together in various ways to serve humanity. They are mission oriented with deep love, comfort, & a joyful belonging felt from being reunited. Two Souls become ONE. Passion's just a bonus & comes in many forms.

*Basic gig- 1 proven method of contacting your Twin Flame or Soulmates spiritual energy & ways to signal the Universe you're ready for their arrival in your life
*Will choose a method to fit your personality/skills
*All healing sessions help open communication
2 different Reiki Attunements now available
*certification is extra

Love Cocoon Reiki- RMT  is required!