I will release 5 Twin Flame or Soulmate trapped emotions for $5

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release 5 Twin Flame or Soulmate trapped emotions
release 5 Twin Flame or Soulmate trapped emotions

About This Gig

There is a huge difference between a Soulmate Relationship and a Twin Flame Union.

A Soulmate is someone you are close to at a soul level, have lifetimes of shared experiences, various kinds of relationships -siblings, parent-child, best friend, and romantic relationships. You feel deep love and a spiritual bond that sets them apart from other people. They comfort and help you grow spiritually. They are a true partner or companion in most of our lifetimes and everyone has ONE special person that they have spent many lifetimes with and who is often mistaken for a Twin Flame, but they are not, they are your soul's main companion.

Not everyone has a Twin Flame, they are rare. It is an emotionally chaotic, growth challenging relationship that needs constant work to keep harmonized. Lifetimes of not reuniting has caused trapped emotions that has to be released before you can reunite and start your mission.

To prepare for the Twin Flame Reuniting process or to find your Soulmate, old pains, blockages, and heart walls need to be released from both people and their Twin Flame or Soulmate connection. If you are looking for your Soulmate or Twin, this helps clear the path for their arrival.