I will release 5 Trapped Emotions Solo Sessions

release 5 Trapped Emotions Solo Sessions

About This Gig

Trapped emotions are like balls of energy. Every emotion has an energetic frequency. When emotional energy embeds into the body, the frequency changes affects the nearby tissues. Far too often, we don’t release the emotions felt and they become trapped in the body and create all sorts of imbalances that effect our daily life. They can be passed on at the time of conception from generation to generation.

Children and animals can have trapped emotions too though they tend to have less trapped emotions to clear. When a child has experienced trauma, abuse, neglect, or abandonment, trapped emotions can manifest in extreme forms including temper tantrums, anger issues, suicidal thoughts, and self abuse. Clearing their trapped emotions helps them in their crucial developmental years and leaves the emotional baggage behind so they're not bringing it into their adult life.

A few common physical problems caused by trapped emotions..body pain, chronic fatigue, allergies, asthma, headaches, sinus problems, diabetes, or acid reflux.
Some common emotional problems..insomnia, depression, learning disabilities, social anxiety or panic attacks, phobias, inability to give or receive love, and self-love