I will give feedback on your presentation

give feedback on your presentation

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Description Speech Evaluation, Text Speech Evaluation, Brief Video Speech Evaluation, Detailed Video
  Send me up to 5m of audio or video of your speech, and I will write you a 3 paragraph evaluation Up to 10m of audio or video, I will send 2-3m simple video evaluation Up to 1h of audio or video, will send 10m detailed video evaluation
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About This Gig

Audiences love speakers who elicit emotion. Everyone appreciates a smart speaker, but a warm, inspiring, or funny speaker is the one they want to chat with afterward, to network with, to work alongside of. Emotion triggers memory. When feelings are involved, what we learn is remembered longer, and recalled faster. They can get information anywhere. When they come to your presentation, they want to connect with you.

As an experienced speaker and Tall Tales Contest winner, I will help you bring out the often overlooked emotional side of your speech. I'll describe the emotional impact you might be making on your audience, and why I think you're having that impact. I an also make suggestions to help you get the reaction you want.

Send me your recording, audio (ok) or video (better), and I will send you my feedback.

For a quick glance or spot check, send 5m, and $5 for a short writeup.

To go a bit deeper, send 10m and $15 for a short, content rich video.

To understand how you're affecting your audience over the course of your presentation, send up to 1h and $40 for a longer video that goes to the heart.

If you'd like a more technical evaluation, just ask.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if my video is too long? Do I need to edit it down?
    A little bit longer is okay, for instance, if you want me to look at 5m of a 7-10m speech. Just tell me at what time index I should start watching. If it's much longer, though, it's wasted bits, so please do try to crop it if you can.