I will be your lifestyle concierge

Second write up from Kelly that I ordered. Right on point again, would definitely work with her again!
Reviewed by davidli112 over 1 year ago
Superb experience with kellyrivera. Quick turnaround with very unique writing style and contents. Would definitely recommend over a lot of other writers.
Reviewed by davidli112 over 1 year ago
Delivered exactly as requested. I'm satisfied.
Reviewed by cheinvest over 1 year ago
Super research and super fast. Thanks!
Reviewed by bmpnyc over 1 year ago
be your lifestyle concierge

About This Gig

Why should only celebrities and fat cat execs get all the glory of having a personal adviser?  I'd love to be your lifestyle concierge. 

As a full time travel and tourism professional, I specialize in travel design. I can help you pick out the best hotels in your budget and the greatest sights to see on Earth!

BUT WAIT -- there's more!

In addition to being your Travel Designer, I can also be

  • your Dream Architect
  • your Happiness Curator
  • your Life Coach
  • your Virtual Assistant

I can be there for you if you just want someone who can be your sounding board--someone subjective to weigh the pros & cons with you.

Any correspondence we share will be via Fiverr and/or e-mail --through documents, power points, photos, etc.

Because I want to be able to give you the best quality project possible, I will turn down any gigs where I cannot reasonably give you my 100%.

We can go through the parameters together to decide what will be best for both parties. 

I look forward to working with you! :)

  • *note: for any itineraries 5 days or less, I only charge $5 base price. After that, I charge $5 extra for additional days

  • I do not actually book any hotels, restaurants, etc. I only make detailed suggestions :)