I will help you create a monthly budget, save money

help you create a monthly budget, save money

About This Gig

I will create a personalized monthly budget via an excel spreadsheet with formulas such that you can keep tabs on your cash flow monthly.

Have a specific goal in mind such as saving X money by a certain date?  Need to pay off loans?  Just interested in tracking your spending?

I assure you this is a worthwhile investment.  I will send the first budget, we will go over it together to make any necessary changes, then I will send along a second final budget.

Contact me with the following information (if applicable): your gross income, the price of your rent, groceries, health/dental/car insurance, cell phone bill, wifi, electricity, etc. and I will work with you to create a reasonable budget.  Include details such as a specific amount you would like to save by a certain date, loans you'd like to clear up, etc.

This is a no-judgment zone.  I am here to work with you and together we can save you money