I will write Two 250 Word Reviews of Your Product

write Two 250 Word Reviews of Your Product

About This Gig

Do You have a product that needs some promotion? I will write for you two solid 250 word reviews for one gig that will help promote your product.  The reviews can be written professionally or I can write testimonials as if I were a customer.  For affiliate marketers, positive product reviews can work to your advantage.

  • Five Gigs or 2500 Word Limit (No more until order is completed)
  • Word or PDF file delivery
  • One Free Edit Based on Original Instructions

However, I do have restrictions on the subject matter which includes the following;

  • No Pornography or Sexual Products of Any Nature
  • No Intoxicants
In addition, there can be no single order of more than 1500 words UNLESS you contact me first and get my approval.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me first, otherwise please do not order a gig of this nature because it might be refused on moral grounds.

Furthermore, I send my work to you through Fiverr, I do not post it on websites for you. However, once you get the reviews on Word or PDF file, you can have anyone you wish post them for you.