I will provide parenting advice or relationship coaching

provide parenting advice or relationship coaching
provide parenting advice or relationship coaching
provide parenting advice or relationship coaching

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Description Parenting/Relationship Q&A Parenting/Relationship Advice Parenting/Relationship Coaching
  Please email me your question and Let's Skype/talk about your complicated issue for 30 minutes. Some issues require more time to resolve. Let's Skype for an hour about your issue.
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About This Gig

Herb and Kennisha Moffett, certified relationship/life coaches, as well as ordained pastors, want to help you overcome your relationship challenges. They have over 20 years experience, including lessons learned from their own happy marriage. They are the parents of two healthy adult children. They've used wisdom, practical life experiences, and their extensive education which includes their degrees from Baylor University, to help thousands of families conquer their relationship challenges. For more information, Google Restoring Gods Family. Visit Amazon, to purchase their book and workbook set, Dying To Become One - a guide to help couples achieve oneness in their marriage. 

Exclusively on Fiverr, you can speak with Herb and/or Kennisha, via email, telephone, or Skype, to gain the wisdom you require to help you motivate and/or connect with your childhelp your troubled child, repair a failing marriage, improve your communication, learn effective confrontation techniques, or even recover (you and your children) from separation or divorce. 

Please email before ordering to discuss your challenge and schedule availability. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm not in America. Can you accomondate my schedule?
    Yes. Let's chat. As missionaries, we lived in Europe for many years so we understand the time difference and are willing to work with your schedule in order to communicate.
  • Are you bi-lingual?
    Unfortunately, at this time, we only speak English fluently enough to counsel.
  • Do you provide any discounts?
    Yes! We provide discounts for regular weekly sessions commitment, for non-profits employees or clergy, and veterans and their families. (20%)
  • Where can I find out more about your credentials?
    Visit us at www.RestoringGodsFamily.com or www.KennishaMoffett.com. You can also find us Live on Periscope, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter: Restoring Gods Family. Also, check out, Dying To Become One book on Amazon. We're both on Linkedin. We can also provide references upon request.
  • I'm a man, is Herb available to talk to me? Do you speak with couples?
    Yes to both. You can speak with whomever you prefer. Simply email us before ordering the gig to make your request and to discuss scheduling.
  • Do you do in person sessions?
    Yes, we are located in the Austin area.
  • For your Q&A, do you offer a follow-up question?
    Yes, Fiverr calls it a revision. We offer one revision after we send back your answer.
  • How do I know that you will be able to help me with my situation?
    From your perspective, your relationship challenges may seem extreme. Our perspective and extensive relationship repair experience will most certainly help you see things more clearly which in turn will cause you to see the available strategies and solutions to your issue.
  • What is the point or methodology of your coaching?
    We believe that we all have the answers to our greatest challenges. The problem is that these answers are often stifled behind fear, frustration, or busyness. We help you remove these barriers so that you can see clearly and then create a strategy for getting things done. It's a partnership.