I will help read Chinese into English for free

help read Chinese into English for free

About This Gig

Hi  I am a Chinese who was born and raised in Hong Kong.

I can read Chinese perfectly and I can read and write English as well.

For free,

Yes, I am not kidding or joking, i could do it for free! Just send me the links of your Chinese website or a line of Chinese text for me to  translate. I will tell you the general idea for free, I do not work on 1-to-1 direct translation , and I may not reply at all. It depends on my availability and interest

For more serious deal,

If you appreciate my work and would like to look for more serious deal, for $5 (1 Gig) I will read a Chinese article / webpage up to 2,000 Chinese words , then I will highlight the complete key points , general ideas of the passage, and make a complete conclusion. I will do it in a functional sense, so I WILL NOT do a direct one-to-one translation for 1 Gig. Please understand.

I will not possibly translate any article, it depends on the difficulty, but 2,000 Chinese words is only a general outline, if I am interested in your article, I can do it more for you, it's negotiable. 

please send the link your passage first before you pay for the gig

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