I will advertise to appeal to a younger demographic

Great!! Awesome!! Terrific. He listens wells and gives you exactly what you want. Thank you Kenshion.
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advertise to appeal to a younger demographic
advertise to appeal to a younger demographic

About This Gig

**I'M SELLING YOU THE RIGHT TO PUBLISH THE VIDEO ANYWHERE YOU WANT TOO, ALL IN THIS GIG** If you're looking to make and advertising that will appeal to a younger demographic then I am your guy. The younger demographic controls the business world especially now. They buy much more than people over 40. You want those people between 18-25 to buy your product because they will come back. 
Big brand names companies do this ALL the time. Hiring younger people to represent them. Why? Because it works. I can offer that at a much lower price and have it done professionally too.
The quality will be better. It needed to be bought down for the upload.
All you need to do is the following:

1). Send me a script (Make sure it last around 1 minute).

2). Make your script somewhat comedic with a message.

3) Make sure your slogan is included.

If you don't have a script ready, we can create one together. You'll have to order the gig twice. if you want a quick laugh come subscribe to my youtube: http://youtube.com/MadeofDave