I will be your RELIABLE virtual assistant for $5

/ 5 Days On Average
be your RELIABLE virtual assistant
be your RELIABLE virtual assistant

About This Gig

Are you tired of doing it yourself? Are you looking for a  HARDWORKING, RELIABLE AND TRUSTWORTHY VIRTUAL ASSISTANT? Well, I am glad you found my gig.

As a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT, I show initiative and willing to comply. My background is in computing, training and management.  I can help you manage your administrative tasks.   For $5 I will be your virtual assistance for 3hrs.

As your VIRTUAL ASSISTANT my technical  skills includes :

   1.  Microsoft suites
   .2. social  media marketing
    3. communication  skills- Fluent in English
    4. email handling
    5. telephone skills
    6. RE-TYPE scanned files
    7. form filling
    8. copy and paste
    9. web research
  10. Microsoft excel 2003-2013
   11. review your products
   12. write reviews
   13. respond to customer emails
   14. data entry
   15. proofread and edit documents
   16.work on your eBay, amazon sites
    17. setup social media pages