I will create an explainer video with unique animal characters

create an explainer video with unique animal characters
create an explainer video with unique animal characters
create an explainer video with unique animal characters
create an explainer video with unique animal characters

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  $30 per 15 seconds. Confident with your script? This package includes voice over and HD. $50 PER 15 SECONDS. Includes script re-writing and editing, written storyboard, voiceover and HD $70 PER 15 SECONDS. I write your script, create storyboard from scratch. Includes Voice and HD.
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Seller will include royalty-free background music and/or sound effects
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Seller will record a voice-over for the video based on the script you submit
The seller will write an original script for your video based on your needs.
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About This Gig

You are here because you want your explainer video to stand out from the usual. After working on tons of projects, I have come upon a strategy. 

Instead of using human characters, we could use animal characters who dress up like humans or who don't dress up at all (Depends on the video).

Have you ever wondered Scooby Doo or TOM n JERRY are so popular? It's because human beings somehow find it amusing when animals walk straight n pretend to be men (or women).

Check out the FAQ for more info on the GIG.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why animal theme?
    Just go to Youtube and search for explainer videos. You will find that all of them have human characters which are so cliché these days. You can stand out by using funny ANIMAL characters so that no one ever forgets your video. With a solid and funny script, this strategy could be a killer!
  • Are the animals customizable?
    I am using a software where the characters are pre-set. I do not have the options to make the cow wear your grandpa’s coat or the bunny wear your girlfriend’s bikini. However, I can change the colours of not just the clothes but also the skin of the animal involved. Check out the video.
  • Which package is the best for me?
    Ask yourself these questions: Do I have a killer script? If the answer is a highly CONFIDENT yes : BASIC package. But if the answer is a partial and NOT SO CONFIDENT yes: STANDARD package. If the answer is an OUTRIGHT NO: PREMIUM package.
  • What voice over options do you have?
    According to the script, I will provide suggestions. We will discuss and decide on the voice over. However, if you do not need voice over, just message me – I will give you a custom discounted offer.
  • Can you do other types of videos?
    Of course, if I can do animal videos, I can do humans as well! Message me if you want to know more about this! P.S I can also do Halloween themed – spooky videos.
  • What languages do you offer?
    If I offer you any language other than English, my reviews will be loaded with 1 star ratings. Let’s not get me into trouble, shall we?
  • I need my video in express time? ITS URGENTT!!!
    Don't worry. I understand the situation. You get special attention. Just order the gig-extra!