I will edit, crop and post process in Lightroom your images

edit, crop and post process in Lightroom your images
edit, crop and post process in Lightroom your images
edit, crop and post process in Lightroom your images
edit, crop and post process in Lightroom your images

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Description Just a job Best for the money Get your life back! (just for RAWs)
  Basic post-processing for 20 images of your choice in Adobe Lightroom. (crop,color correction,etc.) Amazing editing for 250 images of your choice in Adobe Lightroom. (basic +tone presets, noise red.) Image culling + Amazing editing for a batch of 500 total images in your own personal style/presets.
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About This Gig

After a long experience in photography and design, I’m convinced that you can amaze and work with vision in a productive and practical way, so that's why I use Adobe Lightroom to make your images look „wow” and save you hours of tedious work.

Basic editing 
My post-processing service always offer quality and utility achieving a realistic rendition of colors in your images, especially the skin tones.

Amazing editing

When you require a certain „look” to your images, or if specific color and advance adjustments are needed like, for high ISO images. This is perfect for weddings, events or portrait sessions.

Premium editing
 (*just for RAW files)
Shot several hundred, or several thousand, images and don't want to go or don't have time to go through them to pick out the best ones? 

First I'll remove out the ones with eyes closed, weird expressions, out of focus, etc. After that I'll proceed with the editing that I told you before so your images will look perfect. If you have your own style, whether you like basic, simple or powerful editing, whether you are more challenger, I always have some inspiration left for you!

Clearly, life is too short, don't spend it in front of your computer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What files formats do you accept?
    I accept RAW files from all the cameras, DNG, and JPEG files, but I prefer raw formats for a better result.
  • What type of image do you edit?
    I can edit any type of images, including weddings, portraits, or events in Adobe Lightroom
  • How can I be sure I will like the results if you won't offer any review?
    In the first place, you should always send me past examples of your edited images. I'll keep that in mind and I will look at the style before each job. If there is a particular processing style for a group of images you like, you can also edit one and let me use that as a reference image.
  • Can you dodge&burn, clone stamp, healing brush areas on the image?
    This normal service includes only „global" image adjustments. That means the entire image is affected by the adjustments. Cloning out specific details or dodging/burning specific areas of image is not included, but can be added as an optional (at a different quote), just tell me your needs.
  • Can you also retouch the images?
    Yes! Of course, just let me know what needs to be done and I'll provide you a quote.