I will make Psychic Reading Video

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make Psychic Reading Video

About This Gig

 I will record a 5 minute video that describes, IN FANSCINATING DETAIL, who you really are using the symbols of the PLAYING CARDS to help you get to know YOURSELF.

The ability to unfold who you REALLY are is found through a very complex geometric pattern that I have been studying for many years.
It is a system passed down by The Order of the Magi.

It is MINDBLOWING. I have been able to predict births, marriages, scandalous divorces, and death. Money loss and money gain. The transition of home or job. And soooo much more. This is an AMAZING opportunity and who knows what it will say about you!

You merely need to provide me with your birthday and I will offer the rest. If you want to give me context of some major events happening in your life it will allow me to go into greater detail, but it is not necessary.

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