I will tell you why your website sucks

tell you why your website sucks

About This Gig

As a professional in the web world for years, I constantly work on projects for people that don't realize their website is terrible!  I try to nicely tell them, some listen some don't.  I will be brutally honest and tell you what I really think of your website.  I will do a full report, from initial impression of the site, design, colors, down to the location of your "call-to-action" link or phone number.  I will not be nice and I will not leave out any small detail that needs to be addressed.  I can also compare designs if you are unsure which design to go with.  Why not invest $5 into your website and let someone who has seen it all point you in the right direction!

I will review up to 3 pages but it probably best if you have me just stick to the home page since most of the site will probably be very similar to what your home page represents.  Of course you can always have me review more pages for more gigs!

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