I will translate up to 500 words from english to french

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translate up to 500 words from english to french

About This Gig

I'm a native french speaker, have experience in EN-FR translation and I can take care of translation works.
I won't answer to any unethical demand =)

I won't do additional formatting, ... you will receive the text in the same format as you will send me =) Moreover, I won't translate text in an image / non editable format.

Please note that my process is not always a 100% hand translation.
- Hardcore translation is supported by my translation software (using the memories of my previous translations on several projects, using a professional translation tool). You can say the baseline is done by my augmented memory =) This memory covers approximately ~18000 pages of translation so far.
- After this, I of course do a round of finetuning, correcting mistakes (especially from the source text) -- which is the real value added and ensures that you get a genuine translation.
- Finally, I do a final proofreading the whole text and adapt where the text can gain from it =)

- Note also that multiple gigs will take longer: for large orders, do contact me first!

By ordering a gig, you accept the following terms, and will not say you weren't aware =) 
Feel free to send a message to discuss your work !