I will write one 600 words health related SEO articles for $5

write  one 600 words health related SEO articles
write  one 600 words health related SEO articles

About This Gig

I am a  writer having more than 8 years of writing experience. I am well versed with  writing for article marketing, submission to websites,  posting on Blogs etc.

My Sample Articles are at : http://www.prolanceindia1.wordpress.com

In this gig, I offer to write one  article / blog post  on any health related topic up to a word length of 600 Words.

I can also write blog posts ranging from 350 words to 800 words and post them directly on to your blog. Please see my Gig Extras for more details.

 I have written on many topics in the health niche including

Acne and the ways to treat it
Hair loss
Healing Arts
Home Health care
Mental Health
Pain Management
Sleep Disroder
Women's issues
Skin Care
Weight loss
Anxiety and depression
Alternative medicine
Dental Care
Heart Disease
Pain Management
Food and Nutrition

 The content  will be well researched, well formatted and highly accurate and optimized for Search Engine success.

The content will be completely original with no plagiarism or copyright and other legal complications.

My Online Portfolio is at : http://www.prolanceindia1.wordpress.com