I will 1 law from my 9 laws to live happy

1 law from my 9 laws to live happy

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i have got from videos 9 laws to make the person happier and succesful and each 1 from these laws are realy seen in real life 
i will give free 1 law to know if its in the real life or its not 
1) the most flexible is the most controller 
the person who is flexible with the changes is a happy and succeful person 
you should be flexible when you deal with yourself and when you deal with others 
if you make the problem big so you gave it a power to be a hard problem 
be free and let others to be free 
be flexible when dealing with others and , accept there excuses
change your method if they werent work good for you 
you can change wha you said yesterday because today you are more experinced 
The person who accepts the change and adapt is most controler to reach the goals 
the person who dont accept the changes he will feel bad and not being happy 

the denasours werent apple to accept the changes , they were big and huge and with big mouthes and eat so much so when new ages came they died 

but sharks are from the most oldest animals in the earth but they Survived because they were flexible and they changes when the ages changed 

if you want to listen more important laws so pick me

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live successful and happy

i will give you 1 law from 9 important laws to be successful

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