I will draw your characters in Manga, Anime, Cartoon

Reviewed by tqtcorp 4 days ago
He's amazing !!!
Reviewed by tqtcorp 20 days ago
Thank you
Reviewed by maroftof 2 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by seashell86 3 months ago
Dope artist!!! REAL artwork, not filters. Will be back!!!
Reviewed by iamladyredz 3 months ago
Incredible job once again, Khaled is incredible!!!
Reviewed by ndesan2 3 months ago
OMG! SO VERY INCREDIBLE! Look folks! Art takes a while and THIS was worth every wait! This SERIOUSLY EXCEEDED my expectations! Like WOW! Thank you!
Reviewed by dpsown6265 4 months ago
Khaled continues to deliver the highest quality work available on Fiverr. Very impressed with his work.
Reviewed by ndesan2 4 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by maupower 5 months ago
Artwork exceeded my expectations. The delivery was late but definitely worth the wait.
Reviewed by erik_oostveen 5 months ago
Khaled continues to impress and amaze me with his level of talent. He is the best artist on Fiverr for these types of illustrations. He is great at capturing the emotion of the characters.
Reviewed by ndesan2 7 months ago
Perfect, top job.
Reviewed by peterbassill 8 months ago
Khaled continues to deliver amazing work. He's the best on Fiverr, no question about it.
Reviewed by ndesan2 8 months ago
Once again, amazing work by Khaled! Best artist on Fiverr!
Reviewed by ndesan2 9 months ago
Artistry is difficult and it is a process. This artist hit it on the head for me without me being very detailed. I am definitely utilizing his skills again very soon. I appreciate how he listens and his attention to detail. The work of art surpassed my expectations. It is amazing. I love it.
Reviewed by storyteller589 10 months ago
Very good quality. Amazing work! Thank you!
Reviewed by ericgoulard 11 months ago
Nice work, talented man... I have used in the past and will use him again...
Reviewed by cicatrix777 12 months ago
Very good artist! Great communication! Will def work with again!
Reviewed by msdeviant about 1 year ago
WOW! Fantastic work!
Reviewed by etwtfptm about 1 year ago
Incredible work once again! Khaled has amazing versatility and can capture amazing details in his work!
Reviewed by ndesan2 about 1 year ago
draw your characters in Manga, Anime, Cartoon
draw your characters in Manga, Anime, Cartoon
draw your characters in Manga, Anime, Cartoon

About This Gig

-Black & White draw (one character) = 10 $.
-Black & White draw (one character with background) = 15 $.
-colored draw (one character) = 20 $.
-colored draw (one character with background) = 25 $.
-colored draw (more than one character) =25$ (evry additional character or pose = 5$ on the base 20$).

if you have any types of ideas of a character and you whant it to be drawn,
i can make it for you in any graphic style (Manga / Anime / Cartoon)
just give me a full description about your needs and i will take care of it ;-)