I will translate English into Portuguese and Portuguese into English

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translate English into Portuguese and Portuguese into English

About This Gig

I'm a native European Portuguese speaker with a Grade A Certificate of Proficiency in English (Level C2, the highest in the European Framework of Reference for Languages), a language that has been a part of my daily life. Besides translating "normal" texts, I also have plenty of experience with websites and apps, which I quite enjoy translating.

My FAQ answers some of the most common questions,  Feel free to message me at any time! I appreciate it if you can contact me first before ordering translations over 1600 words or other kinds of services such as transcriptions. In either case, I'm sure you'll be happy with the final result - I deliver 100% of my orders on time, and 100% of my clients have left positive feedback.

Order Details

4 days delivery

Translation to or from Portuguese

I will translate your text rapidly and accurately.

  • Up to 800 Words
  • Proofreading

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you translate into Brazilian Portuguese?
    No, only European Portuguese, which is also easily understood in Brazil. I can, however, translate from Brazilian Portuguese into English.
  • Do you have experience translating apps or websites?
    Yes, I have experience with both. I also have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, so I know which parts of the text I should not touch.
  • Do you translate legal or medical documents?
    No. There are translators who specialize in those areas, as any tiny mistake can make a world of difference. I'd suggest contacting someone who works exclusively in one of those fields.
  • Do you translate long texts such as essays, ebooks, etc?
    I do. Please contact me in advance so that we can agree on a price and deadline!
  • I don't need a full translation, but can you check my text for mistakes?
    Of course, send me a message and your text and we can determine a price (always much lower than a full translation). However, if you need help with a text in English, you should ask a native speaker for help.
  • Can you do voice-overs, transcriptions, etc.?
    Although I mostly do translations, I'm sure we can work something out. Feel free to message me!