I will teach you spoken URDU

teach you spoken URDU

About This Gig

Want to Speak Urdu Fluently and confidently, with Less Accent? Or just to Practice! Preparing for an Urdu interview?

I am a Native Urdu speaker ,

This is the GIG for you, a 30 min session where you can have:  Vocal Exercise, Tongue Twisters, Intonation, Consonants Pronunciation, Script Reading (Dialogue), Polishing your Speech,  Vocal Techniques, Word Stress and Tips and Tricks.

If you already know the basics, the session of 30 min can be conversational about any subject! 

1Hr Lesson Layout

-10 min  Vocal Tricks and Warm ups
-15 min of Consonant Pronunciation & Word Stress
-15 min of Tongue twisters,
-20 min of conversation or Script Reading more scripts coming soon
Lessons will be via Skype with camera ON or OFF or as you like!

All lessons can be customized to suit your needs; we can focus on improving weakness, breathing Skills, Posture, Accent reduction, or Reading. Or any other area you request.  This Gig comes with a FREE introductory 5 min where I can access your level of speech/ Comprehension and Pronunciation.

I will help you say anything confidently with Clarity."

Thanks for Checking out this Gig

NB* Gig is subject to amicable times for both parties.