I will powerful real estate script manual

powerful real estate script manual

About This Gig

Are you a real estate professional who wants to be more effective?  Let's face it, you want to make more money and I can help you. 

For $5 you get a 60+ page booklet that will help you become a better Realtor, property owner, developer or investor.  The topics in this manual are "real world" experiences and you WILL learn something new. 
I have taken my years of real estate success and combined them into this awesome booklet.   

Some of the topics discussed:

1) How to handle the conversation when your clients want to cut commissions

2) How to market to For Sale By Owners

3) Why a client should choose you instead of your competitor

4) Discussing price reductions (and getting them)

5) Marketing to expired and withdrawn listings

6) Where to find new listings

This manual is over 60 pages long and full of great information.  It is designed in 'script' form to help you familiarize yourself with the situation, before you talk to your clients face-to-face.  

This is my latest manual, revised and updated.  The previous Fiverr buyers begged for more information, so I added 20 pages of common real estate situations and how to deal with them.