I will help research for your essay assignments and papers

help research for your  essay assignments and papers

About This Gig

If your essay is already written  perfect, congratulations! If not, do you wish to add credibility to your writing with factually based citations? Need help editing copy? Looking for someone to wordsmith your website? Then your search for assistance is over!

If you're looking for work that is both gripping and grammatically sound, then I'm your girl. I have been writing both creatively and logistically for over a decade, and I know how to gear my work toward a specific audience using those time-tested tools of rhetoric: logos, pathos and ethos.

 Those of you seeking an uncompromising editing eye will be pleased to know that my ability in this arena was recognized as early as high school, where I was asked to begin assisting my peers in reworking essays and other assignments (a task I was more than delighted to perform throughout my college years and beyond). I know how to preserve a writer's voice while striving for content and readability.

 My primary goal is client satisfaction.


This paper is only for reference purpose, you can customize it according to your need. Kindly note that I am not liable for the outcome or consequence of submitting the paper to any academic institution.