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✔ Research of one INSIGHT and 3 MAIN TITLES Highly Qualified

✔ 5 Different Powerful subtitles for hooked

✔ IMPORTANT: Sequence 1. Personal history or avatar 200-300W

✔ Sequence 2. Personal Branding or avatar 200-300W

✔ Sequence 3. Strengthening the timeline of your Branding Personal 200-300W.

✔ Deepen the wounds of the Problem 200-300W. I recommend another Gigs, A second problem

✔ Discovering your product, the best solution before your eyes.  Why buy your product? 200–300W. I recommend another Gigs, A second solution

✔ 5 Amazing Benefits, each depends on the desired result in W.

✔ Revealing credentials. Increase and strengthen your credibility 200-300W

✔ 3 Persuasive Testimonials. 100-150W. each one

✔ Seizing the offer 200-300 W.

✔ Increasing feeling of scarcity 200-300 W.

✔ Irrefutable Warranty 200-300 W.

✔ Urgent call to action 200-300 W.

✔ Warning: feeling lost, if will not buy now 200-300W.

The Magistral closure. The P.D 150-300W.


More than 70 depth factors to increase the rate of conversion. Within a sales letter

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