I will pray for your needs or wants

pray for your needs or wants

About This Gig

I will pray for anything you need or want for a days for 30 mins. I have been called prayer warrior by Psychic101.  I have used prayer manafestation for 3 years.   I have manifested a new car for myself.   A new job for my dear friend Patty.  She went from a job she hated. To a position she loves  with a flexible schedule.. While  training for management. I have done prayer work on health for my hubby Joe with the result he is up and mobile. His back and knee  no longer bother him!  Let me know what you need! My Gran was a Celtic Seeress and I have inherited her abilities.  She has taught me what she knows. I go into a trance to do my work.  But I dare to go further . I have studied and believe it to be a Theta state like that of the Silva method.  So I go into the deep consciousness to call upon the Power that is there for you. I'm so grateful that I can use the deep knowledge to help others.   I'm here to help others. IT is my mission in life. Let me help you!