I will do a shamanic cord cutting ceremony for you for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
do a shamanic cord cutting ceremony for you
do a shamanic cord cutting ceremony for you

About This Gig

Cord cutting can be a powerful way to shift and release negative or dormant energy from your etheric being. I will perform a drumming ceremony where all energy which needs to be released for your highest good will be cleansed. I work with Archangel Michael and have for over 10 years.

PLEASE NOTE: This gig is for a cord-cutting only.

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Here is an example of a short write up from a previous client:

"I saw you covered with shimmering gold strands. They weren't touching you, but they are in your field. It feels like this represents abundance which is very close. Next a very pretty vine grew up and around your legs, signalling new growth is happening right now. Then a very large, square stone was removed from your back. It looked very, very heavy and like it had been with you for a long time. It may have provided protection in some ways, but is now no longer needed."

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I look forward to working with you.

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