I will teach You How To Do a Product LAUNCH Like a Boss

teach You How To Do a Product LAUNCH Like a Boss

About This Gig

Did you spend a lot of time, money and energy in creating your very own product? Then you'll want it to succeed as soon as you launch it, right?

Throwing together a website and hoping for the best simply won't cut it. And SEO will only get you so far.

What you need is a well-oiled email campaign. How you can set up a campaign that will make your product launch a success is exactly what you'll discover with this gig.

This information is too valuable to give away for a fiver, so I had to split it up in the Gig Extras.

If you order this gig you will receive the following information:

  1. How to Write Pre-prelaunch Emails
  2. How to Monitor Your List Pre-Launch

    IF you also order the Gig Extra, you'll also receive:

  3. How to Write “I Need Your Help” Emails That Get HUGE Response From Your List
  4. How to Write Pre-Launch Emails
  5. How to Write Sales Letter Emails
  6. How to Send Sample Emails
  7. Pre-Notification Emails for Launch
  8. Sales Email Strategy
  9. Post Launch Activities
  10. Email Repeats

NOTE: All information is delivered as mp3 so you can listen to it while walking the dog, grocery shopping, waiting in line, on the bus...