About This Gig

Image if you could know if the niche you are planning to publish a Kindle ebook for was profitable BEFORE you spent time and money on creating a product with no buyer interest? Choosing a profitable niche to publish your ebook in is essential if you wish to make money as a KDP publisher. Publish a great ebook in the wrong niche and you stand to make NOTHING! Recently I acquired an awesome piece of software I like to call my "Kindle Niche Detective" that will help to ensure you are spending your time and perhaps money publishing not only to the correct niche, but as well using the correct keywords. I will take the 3 niche topic related keywords you provide, run them through my software, and then provide the statistics and analysis of your 3 keywords along with a final recommendation in a unique report prepared especially for you. *BONUS* Free copy of the e-book "Kindle Mania" to help you become a successful publisher with each successful order.