I will do a random act of kindness and spread happiness for $5

/ 1 Days On Average
do a random act of kindness and spread happiness
do a random act of kindness and spread happiness

About This Gig

Make kindness count! With a couple clicks of your mouse and a small $5 investment, you could contribute to making kindness count. You ordering this gig is a random act of kindness, which then spurs me to do a random act of kindness. From there, the possibilities are endless! Maybe the people I touch with my random acts of kindness will go on to make kindness count with their day, as well.

I am using this gig as a way to help pay back my student loans. I am a recent college graduate working full time in my career path, but as I'm sure many of you know, with mounting tuition costs in this day in age, sometimes that's not enough to pay your debt down quickly. I don't want to be burdened by debt for years -- I'm working as hard as I can to pay it down as soon as I can!

When you place your order, you may make a suggestion! If you don't have one, I'm happy to think of one on my own. I will do the random act of kindness, tell you about it, and feature it on my blog. I will also credit you as contributing to my Kindness Counts movement as well (if you want).

I look forward to making kindness count! Your small act of kindness and generosity will contribute to a greater good. :)