I will provide career counselling

provide career counselling

About This Gig

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times or more…

  • “I hate my job!”
  • “I don’t make enough money.
  • “My career isn’t challenging enough.
  • “My job is too difficult for me.”
  • “I’m bored with my career.”

If you fee the same, don't worry. Our first career choices don’t always work out. We either grow out of them or later find that they aren’t suitable for us.

Why Do We Need Career Counselors?

Career counseling can help point people in the right direction when it comes to choosing careers that they will excel at and be happy with. Being happy with a career can lead to a happier home life and a greater sense of accomplishment.

What Does a Career Counselor Do?

Career counselors work with all sorts of people, from all walks of life, of all ages, with all different education and experience levels.

The main goal of a career counselor is to help their clients find careers that suit them and careers that they are suitable for.

I am an experienced entrepreneur,I've had my fair share of rough time in life, and based on my experiences; I can guide you in your career development.

Just message me your challenges in life and we can start sorting things out.