I will proofread and copyedit your academic paper

proofread and copyedit your academic paper
proofread and copyedit your academic paper
proofread and copyedit your academic paper
proofread and copyedit your academic paper
proofread and copyedit your academic paper
proofread and copyedit your academic paper

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Description Proofread Proofread + content critique Proofread + critique + rewrites
  I'll proofread and make necessary corrections of basic errors. I'll proofread, make basic corrections, and suggest content edits to better the overall work I'll proofread w/ corrections, critique, and offer rewrites to improve your work
Feedback is suggestions about how a text's style, content and readability can be improved.
Words Included
Word count included in package (additional words may be available for purchase separately)
1250 1500 7500
Delivery Time 1 day 1 day
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About This Gig

You have Ivy League potential at your fingertips! ... Ok, it's my fingertips.
But we're in this together now!


Here's what we'll do:
  1. You send me your paper.
  2. I return a pristine document that's been checked, rechecked, and checked again for appropriate grammar, syntax, spelling, and even formatting! Read: No more losing points for screwing up a comma placement on a bibliography!
  3. We rejoice together. 

Content Critique
  1. You send me your paper and a description of your assignment. 
  2. I return an easy-to-implement list of suggested edits to your work. I'll briefly explain why I think each edit will improve the overall quality of your work. I may even provide an example or two of how I would do it. 
  3. See above. 

  1. Ditto #1.
  2. I return your fully edited and content reworked/superhero-blasted masterpiece.
  3. Questions? I'll set up a FREE 10 minute feedback call for you!
  4. Submit your work and go sip a delightful beverage

After completing my Master's degree, I thought I'd had enough of academic writing. But NO! I want to see YOU experience the same academic WRITING SUCCESS I've had.

Buy now and let's do this!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What file types do you accept?
    Word documents or Pages. .txt files are acceptable also.
  • How do you return my document?
    ALL PACKAGES: I'll provide one document in your original format with markup (track changes). I'll provide a second document with all changes accepted.
  • What types of subject matter do you edit?
    Anything. I make sure you sound good no matter what you're topic is. I don't investigate research claims. So if you're claiming the Cubs didn't actually win the World Series, and Bill Murray is a space lord, as long as you do it error-free, we're gold.
  • What are these FREE UPGRADES about?
    For the rest of 2016: - on a STANDARD package I'll rewrite up to 250 words of content FREE - a PREMIUM package includes up to 5,000 EXTRA WORDS FREE
  • Why do you need the description of my assignment?
    I want to know the purpose of your paper. What is expected of you? Will we have accomplished those requirements when your paper is complete? Take a picture of the assignment with your phone if necessary. It doesn't have to be a document file.