I will install and configure your minecraft plugins

install and configure your minecraft plugins

About This Gig

I will install and configure 5 plugins to your minecraft server. I can also help you choose and find plugins for what you want to do!

I will install worldedit and essentials for free (if you want them)

Your server must run Bukkit and the plugins you want me to install must be compatible with the version you are running (I will let you know if they are not). 

How it works: We can do it 2 ways. You can either give me direct access to your server and its files and I will directly upload and configure them. Or you can send me your server files or information and I will send you back a plugin folder with all the plugins configured and ready to go. 

The job will be completed within 5 days (please note: I usually will not take the full 5 days but it depends on my schedule). If you need it quicker I offer a 2 day package for an additional fee. Permission plugins are also not included in basic package.

If you have any questions, please ask. Thanks.

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