I will set up your enjin website

set up your enjin website
set up your enjin website

About This Gig

I will set up your enjin website to your liking. I will select the style and layout of your site and I will set up tabs, forums, shop, widgets, ect. I will also create groups and permissions and anything else your website needs. 

I specialize in minecraft servers but I can make it for whatever you need.

How it works: 
1. Simply tell me what your website is for and what you want it to feature/do (forums, shop, voting, news/announcements, applications, ect). 
2. Let me know any specifics (theme, forum categories, groups, permissions, ect).
3. I will create the website and you will be able to request any final changes or additions.

Please note: Certain enjin features require a subscription to enjin that you must pay separately. I also do not create any custom code for your website.

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