I will develop your Android application

develop your Android application

About This Gig

If you're looking for developing an app like "WhatsApp", "Facebook", "Viber", "Youtube" or your own channel to be in your own app, then I'm the person you're looking for.

I've a good experience in developing Android application ranging from Custom Application Design to Material Design (as suggested by Google for best design practices).
I'm perfect in working with:
  • Chat Application Development
  • Augmented Reality Applications (Live AR)
  • Taxi Apps
  • YouTube Channel Apps
  • Celebrity Apps (just like Kim. K :) )
I can work perfectly with:
  • GPS & Live Location Updates
  • Server-Client Data handling
  • Automatic Crash Reporting
  • AdMob and other Ad Engines
  • Google Analytics and Firebase
  • Chat Clients

The final submissions will include:
  • Pixel Perfect Icon
  • Source Code (Fully functional)
  • Core Functionalities integrated
  • Working APK for Testing

I can also provide the following:
  • I can make your app Communicate with Server
  • I can write Services for your App
  • I can Design your App from Scratch including PSDs
  • I can Convert your Idea to a Complete App (from start to End)
  • I'm efficient in working with larger projects.

Feel free to Request this Gig. :)

Order Details

2 days delivery 2 Revisions

Complete Application Design

Core Functionality, Pixel Perfect Design.

  • App Submission
  • Splash Screen
  • 1 Operating System
  • Include Source Code
  • App Icon

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You develop apps for which Platform and OS?
    I develop apps for MOBILE platform and for ANDROID phones.
  • Which type of applications you develop?
    Small to large scale applications like Chat Applications, Socializing applications, Live communication with Server, Tracing applications and all other stuff.
  • Can you make my own App which can display my Videos from YouTube?
    Yes sure. I can make your own application so your friends can see what stuff you upload to YouTube without getting to search for your channel.
  • I'm a celebrity. Can you make application for me (just like Kim K.)?
    Yes sure. These applications are best for your public appearance and don't need anyone to search for your updates anywhere. Just get your own app so the audience will get live native updates from you.
  • How Crash Reporting can work?
    Its like collecting Analytics for your app. If 300 people have downloaded your app, and for some reason your app crashes on a phone, you'll automatically get an email to repair such issue.
  • Can you apply AdMob to my App?
    Yes. I'm fluent in integrating Admob as well as other Ad engines in your app. I'm good in working with every library.
  • Can you create an application for my website?
    Yes I can. Just specify your requirements for the app and I'll do as you say.