About This Gig

I will rework a drawing done by your child in oil paint. Oil paintings based off of your child's drawings will be painted on a masonite panel which measures 18cm x 13.5cm (So be aware that awkwardly shaped images must be cropped to fit this format). For best results it is advised to get a drawing which is focused on a particular character, rather than an entire scene. I will then use your child's drawing as a springboard to create a painting. Mainly I will add shadow and form to the drawing, as many children's drawings tend to be very flat, and by rendering them in 3d, it gives them more life. All of these paintings are done in real oil paints, no 3d software or digital software will be utilized.-------For an extra 10$ (15$ total for everything including shipping) I will lovingly wrap your painting and send it to your home. ------- For an extra 5 bucks I'll scan the painting at 600 dpi. This is good for those who wish to reprint the painting (perhaps on canvas, or a poster) on a larger scale.------Please keep it simple!