I will give you my honest opinion

give you my honest opinion

About This Gig

Hey there! 

I am a VERY opinionated person, and I am not afraid to say what I think… especially anonymously on the internet! Some people always wonder things about themselves, or maybe things they create but they can't ask their friends because they think they will be too nice. I will give you my 100% honest opinion on anything you want to show me! It can be a video of you singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, acting. Or it can be a picture of you, a drawing you made, painting. Even a poem or story or something (but nothing too long please… (ain't nobody got time fo' dat!)! Send me anything and I will give you my honest opinion. Ever wondered if your fat? cute? ugly? weird? good at (insert talent here)? I will help you by giving you my honest opinion. I am involved in  many things that give me education in all of the aforementioned topics. Not sure if I can help? Don't hesitate to ask me! Also, I am a nice person, but I will speak my mind. I will NOT be overly rude, but I will tell you what I honestly think in the nicest way possible.

Hope to see you soon!

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